Lionsi pomagamo ljudem v stiski, tako tudi tistim, ki so prizadeti v naravnih katastrofah. Poplave v Pakistanu so tudi tak primer, več o tem lahko preberete v spodnjem pismu Eberhard-a J. Wirfs-a, lanskega predsednika LCI, ki sedaj vodi LCIF. Pozivamo vse klube, da se pridružijo zbiranju pomoči za Pakistan!





Providing Disaster Relief for Pakistan Flooding


Dear Lion,pomoc za Pakistan

Like me, I’m sure that you have been following the news reports of the deadly flooding in Pakistan. My heart goes out to the 20 million affected by this disaster. As the flood waters and death toll continue to rise, Lions are committed to helping.

Lions have been providing assistance since the devastating flooding began July 22, and LCIF is providing US$120,000 to help Lions in providing relief to their communities.

You know well that Lions Clubs greatest asset is our volunteers – you and 1.35 million Lions around the world. Wherever there is a need, there is a Lions club nearby, ready to respond with their hearts and hands. In the case of disasters, we are the first to offer help, and the last to leave.

I was moved by a video the Lions in Pakistan created. While it shows the effects of the disaster, it also shows hope – hope for brighter days ahead. This hope is because of Lions. They have put aside their own needs to help their neighbors, providing needed relief supplies and shelter.

We have received a lot of inquiries from Lions asking how they can help. Lions in Norway have donated US$81,000, District 105-I, Ireland, has donated US$6,500, three clubs in District 201-W1, Australia, have donated a total of $2,200, and Lions in England have informed me they are sending funds to LCIF in support of this disaster. You can also give hope through a designated donation to LCIF for Pakistan relief.

pomoc za HaitiWe are truly committed to long-term relief, and Haiti is one example where our work remains ongoing. The Lions of Haiti have done a great job given the wide-spread devastation and the local constraints that exist.

Six hundred Haitian families will move into new homes thanks to an initiative between LCIF, the Lions of MD 111 Germany, and HELP, an international non-governmental organization (NGO). This is the first of many reconstruction projects to receive support from LCIF thanks to the generous response from the international family of Lions following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. 

Through the project, homes will be erected directly on a family’s plot of land, thus avoiding the hardship of further displacement and any potential property disputes. The building of these homes is an important first step toward reestablishing normal life for families who lost their homes and so much more after the earthquake.    


From Haiti to Pakistan, China to Tennessee, Lions and our foundation are rebuilding homes and lives.

With my cordial regards,

Eberhard J. Wirfs

Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

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